Moderelli is a fashion & accessory brand that has no limits for quality, design and sets new boundaries in terms of affordable luxury wear. 



Founded by two women entrepreneurs Melissa & Jane, both based in London, UK – Moderelli is now sold in over 34 countries with thousands of monthly customers.


Our design process starts with analysing all the latest trends in the fashion world and adapting them to our unique styles & collections. Moderelli names their collections based on the imaginary customer avatars behind it. 

Emily Westwood, for example, is made for the bright, charming young lady who loves abstract art, light tones and who can be in a calm state of mind.

While Frederic Graff, is for the sophisticated, luxury & style loving woman who can take charge and lead the way.

This out of the box design and ideation process is one of the backbones of Moderelli's success.

A watch from Moderelli is a statement. Timeless beauty mixed with classic design. A true conversation starter on your wrist. Exquisite collections for women of character.